Kazu's Log

Jan 1, 2016

Hello World

Every new year, I make a new blog to begin anew. Now my blog is powered by Hugo that I already sent 4 patches during DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest.

The site’s repos is on BitBucket. This Wercker application clones the repos and runs Hugo on it to build HTML files, then s3sync on the application uploads the files to Amazon S3.

Aside from “how I write”, I will make a small change on “what I write”. I’m a long-time blogger and I usually write whatever I want, because I love to read diary-like blogs. However in this year, I will focus on technical topics in a few areas to market myself.

Sounds self-help-ish? I know!

I’m reading Soft Skills now, and I’d like to experiment with some of his suggestions. That’s not super comfortable, but I want to learn new things by doing them. So please don’t sing Fitter Happier for a moment.