Kazu's Log

Apr 5, 2016

How I came from Japan to Seattle

I wrote a short Japanese essay on JungleCity, Seattle’s largest Japanese news and community portal. The essay is about how I came from Japan to Seattle, especially on various supports I got from the company.

I’m not sure whether working in the States is easy or not. I’ve been in here for just less than 2 years. However I can say that coming to the States may be easier than you thought, if you are working for a subsidary of an American, probably large company.

I wasn’t aware about things from L-1 visa to relocation agents until I finally made a decision to come to Seattle. I was actually worried about the H-1B cap. So I’d like to share what I learned.

There was another essay that I co-authored with Kenji-san. But, well, hornestly speaking, that one was mostly written by him :)